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Disruption can be defined as ”A radical change” or as ”Disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process” or as ”To break apart or alter so as to prevent normal or expected functioning.”

Sources of disruption

You live in a world where disruption happens all the time and fast compared to even hundred years ago. Most disruptions come from technological change. There are many examples. For example steam engine launched the industrial revolution. Today, internet, artificial intelligence, many biological breakthroughs and other disruptive technologies change the world faster than anyone could have thought even thirty years ago. And the speed of change is accelerating. It is very hard to imagine what the world looks like thirty years from now. Environment brings you some of the disruptive events. Earthquakes, big storms and other ways of nature can radically change your environment and disrupt millions of lifes during their life times. Diseases can disrupt your life too. And so can changes in politics.

Disruption and evolution

Evolution happens mostly gradually during a very long time. Random mutations happen and some of them survive. When the environment suddenly changes, disruption happens. The species that survived in the environment in the past, fail to reproduce after the change. There is a theory that dinosaurs died, because of a big meteorite hit on the surface of the earth, creating a whole new environment. And different species were better adjusted to the new environment. Humans wouldn´t probably live on this planet without the results of many disruptions. And we probably wouldn´t have consciousness. Sometimes disruption starts slowly and erupts violently. For example, many new technologies are adopted slowly at first. They evolve from the first version. It may take years before a disruptive technology is good enough to displace an old technology. After the critical mass of users have been reached, an exponential growth starts.

Disruption and personal change

Change is one of the constant truths about life. Real disruption changes things forever. Change can be gradual or sudden. Which one should you prefer? There is not a single right answer to this question. I am sorry to say this, but it depends on the circumstances. Gradual change is easier. It should be a preferred way of doing things, when there is no need to disrupt your thoughts, emotions and actions. I have succeeded better, when I have tried to change gradually. It may not be the best way for you. You should figure out yourself which is a way to change.

Disruption is sometimes the only way to do things. If you have unhealthy habits like drinking or smoking, or eating too much unhealthy food, you cannot change your habits slowly. Another dose of alcohol may create severe health problems for persons that have destroyed their liver. They have to disrupt their drinking habits and avoid alcohol at all cost. You can be a person whose way of doing things is change things completely and fast. I know some people like this. They are not in majority. Most people prefer fast results, but what you prefer and what is best for you is not the same thing. Fast results is what you see in different medias. What you don´t see is how many people fail doing the same thing.

You should think about your core beliefs, the environments you associate with and the most important actions you take. Think deeper and try to figure out if you should disrupt some of them. There are some questions you can ask yourself. For example, do you use most of your time to get you where you want to be or are you just wandering around waiting for some random event that changes your life for good? Could you change your environment to get you where you want to be? Do you hang around with people who can help you be a better version of yourself or should you move to another neigborhood or another country? There are many other questions you can ask. Figure out more of them yourself.


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